Web Design Research

For class on Tuesday, March 14 + Sunday, March 19

What you're doing today + Sunday

  1. You're going to use some of the website links below (and any other websites on the entire Internet) to find bits and pieces of websites you like.
  2. Maybe it's a cool header, or an interesting nav bar, or a layout you like - it can be small or large. Take a screenshot and upload it to the #wireframedesignideas channel in Slack, along with a few words about what you like about it, and the link you found it at. Picture, why you like it, + link.
  3. I want you each to find, screenshot, and upload 5 items each.
  4. Then, outline in a Google Doc the actual content you want to be in your website. What text do you want to have? What pictures? What videos? It doesn't have to all be perfect right now - but you should have a general sense of what you want.
  5. Then, begin to wireframe your site. Your first wireframes don't have to involve divs - they can just be rough sketches that outline your page (or pages).
  6. You can use whatever you want to wireframe stuff - paper, whiteboards, Photoshop, etc. Balsamiq is another great tool that is frequently used in the real world, and we got a free license for all of you, if you want to try it. Details on that at the bottom of the page.
  7. When you're ready, start to code it!

A few cool personal sites

The Best Designs

The Best Designs has an infinite number of really interesting webpages - you can spend hours looking through cool stuff here for inspiration.

Balsamiq Info

Download link for the desktop app: HERE

License Name: hackcville 2017
License Key: eJzzzU/OLi0odswsqslITM5OLsvMyUlVMDIwNK8xNDU0MjS1MDEAgZqQGkMAXlIN/w==